Performance of Layer Birds Supplemented with Herbal Antistress Product Ayucee and Synthetic Vitamin C under Physiological Heat Stress

Jadhav1, N .V., Awati2, B., Kulkarni3, S., Waghmare4, P. G., Suranagi4,M. D., Saxena5, M. J., Ravikanth5, K., Dandale5, M. and Shivi Maini5*

1Department of Livestock Production Management,
2Department of Veterinary Microbiology,
3Department of Veterinary Biochemistry,
4Department of L. P. M., College of Veterinary Sciences, Bidar, Karnataka state, India,
5R and D Center, Ayurvet Ltd, HP
Malaysian J. Anim. Sci. 2013 16(1): 67-78

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